Do you only cater for London customers?

No, I have customers all around the UK and all around the world. I have even been outsourced by India, in that an Indian business in Goa asked me to work on their websites; usually English people employ Indians to do their websites, this was the other way around! I also have customers in Ecuador, Indonesia and Belgium.

How much do you charge?

While my websites don't start from £1000 it is tricky to put an exact price on a website. However, a "bare bones" WordPress or HTML website could be from £400, typically though more like £500/£800 populated and/or custom designed. Of course, the more complex a website the more it will cost. This does not include the price of hosting or the domain name.

We would agree on a price after exploring your needs and arrive at the right figure. I generally charge £30 an hour for work. If your needs were for a budget website I can cater for that too.

Permanent special offer: 40% off for charities, students and startups. Please contact me to find out more.

Can you talk in proper English please?

I don't talk in Geek language, but sometimes a few web terms slip through. I always try to convey information in an understandable way. Please also see the glossary for web terms.

What if I want to edit my own site after you have set it up, but don't want WordPress?

I'm happy to make a traditional website with an engine behind providing a simple editing system. Much more simple than WordPress and a much smaller website. I do not see the point of giving a WordPress to all my customers.

Is there only one person at Greylizard Webdesign?

Yes. Though I have many contacts in web design, graphic design and publishing. Some website's I have worked on are collaborations. You won't get through to India when talking to me.

If there is something else you need to know, please contact me