Traditional payment:

Most simple websites start with a setup fee of £150*. This initial payment is made through an online vendor or bank transfer before work starts. Includes design, setup, logos, SEO. This may often include the yearly fee for hosting, the domain name and unlimited updates. This depends on how much the customer expects to update their own website. Can include social media and marketing. Will include continued updates, marketing and hosting costs. You can cancel at anytime and move your website elsewhere. Your website will be editable by you. I am absolutely flexible and we would agree the best solution for your business with the right recurring fee for you and continued marketing and work by me. I prefer the site on my hosting, but I will also consider it on yours.


Barter in uncertain times:

I am also willing to do work for products, labor or expert advice. I have an old building to maintain and limited time. I also need trade, such as electricians, builders, roofers. I need wood, building stuff in general, even expert advice. As far as I can see the economy is about to collapse, so am happy to find an alternative way. This site also supports Brave Rewards via the Brave Browser.  


*For extremely complex websites with powerful apps a higher initial fee may be required and I am also very flexible on price for less demanding websites. For customers who wish me to do all the updating we can agree on a fixed yearly fee. I tend to prefer this method to charging you £xxx for each update, which I think is quite an unfair way to provide updates as sites then end up with out of date information on them as you don’t want to pay the £xxx fee to change a few prices or key information.