More About Me

I have been designing websites since 1998 when I put my first feeble HTML effort online with my ISP at the time. I doubt anyone looked at it but me! Still, I had done it, constructed HTML code that made a website appear. After this I went mad, creating, creating. I tried different web hosts and many different platforms. Soon I had people start to ask me to make their websites.

All this came from a love of computers since 1977 when I was allowed to use the computer at my mum’s work, an Apple 2. They were the first personal computers. They had games, were I started, but I soon discovered I could program them. My desire was always to make human interface programs, not games. This continued to webdesign and I took my experience of knowing the movement of a person through an interface.

I have always been keen to supply websites at the right price. I also have always been a social media addict and have that to offer. On top of this I worked in publishing for many years and know my way around Photoshop for graphics.