Glossary of web terms

Here are a few explanations of web terms.

Domain name

This is the address of your website ie greylizardwebdesign.co.uk and will be hosted online by a web host


This is the company where your website is stored on the internet and made available to the web. Companies such as Godaddy are known as web hosts.


This is what the web hosting is about and the files of your website are stored on a server. A server being a fast computer holding a bunch of websites made available 24/7 to the web.


Stands for Content Management System and is a way for any user to modify a website with a simple control panel


This is a web application that is installed on your web host. At its core WordPress is a blog system, however, more and more it is able to present a website and you many not even know it is powered by WordPress. It is C.M.S. which means the website can be modified with a simple control panel, much like Word.


Most people know this, but it stands for Search Engine Optimisation. At its most simple: making sure Google can see the website.


Just a short way of say Mobile Responsive, which means the website works on a mobile phone or tablet.

Back end. Front end.

Back end being the coding or a C.M.S. control panel. Front end being the website pages you see in the browser.


Hyper Text Markup Language. Simply the code that makes a web page.