Greylizard webdesign has a long list of projects since 1998 but here are just a few. Many of these websites allow the customer to update their own content, known as CMS (content management system). I also often add social media and any other profiles they ask me to. Often includes adding to search engines and always SEO (search engine optimisation)
New website, early days.
This was a redesign to increase search engine exposure.
Designed from the ground up including opening Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Twitter, Facebook profiles.
A website for the customer to take control of, though I actually update for them too.
This is constantly updated by me for the customer.
A fan site that includes Google Adverts for monetisation.
A forum that is heavily modified.
A redesign with the customers content in place, SEO improvements.
A site edited by the customer. Conservatory roof insulation.
Another site designed by me and then handed over to the customer to edit.
A HTML website with an extesive coded backend approval system for the listings.
A WordPress website. Promotion of writing and so forth.
A WordPress webside with gallery.
A gateway to three websites including a membership website. -
These two are very similar and include backend functionality for music downloads and membership options.