Greylizard webdesign has a long list of projects since 1998 but here are just a few current projects. Many of these websites allow the customer to update their own content, known as CMS (content management system). I also often add social media and any other profiles they ask me to. Often includes adding to search engines and always SEO (search engine optimisation):
Black Cat was a redesign and SEO. I got them work almost immediately.
This was a redesign to increase search engine exposure.
An exclusive gallery focusing on a certain avant-garde design style.
Designed from the ground up including opening Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Twitter, Facebook profiles.
A website for the customer to take control of, though I actually update for them too.
This is constantly updated by me for the customer.
Retrofitted with an CMS system so the client can update their own pages.
A fan site that includes Google Adverts for monetisation.
A forum that is heavily modified.
A redesign with the customers content in place, SEO improvements.
A site edited by the customer. Conservatory roof insulation.