Web services

The heart of Greylizard Webdesign is flexibility for all your needs. I listen to what you require and then suggest the best way forward to produce exactly what you need. This is based on years of experience and hundreds of websites.

Professional Web Design Level

There are several options for building a website, the professional level would include many options. The idea is to produce the most slick website possible with the main impact on the web.

One of the most flexible for people wishing to update their own site is to have WordPress running on your own hosting. WordPress has the same engine at its heart with the option to apply any template to the look and feel of a website. This means it is fully editable by you the customer. Which means no further web design cost. WordPress is a very popular option and provides a slick website theme. I can offer cost effective standard template options or custom templates.

I can also offer standard HTML websites that are fixed in their design; Greylizard Webdesign site is an example of this sort of website. However, it is possible to add simple Content Management System (C.M.S.) to even a simple website which would allow you to edit your own information. Please see the portfolio for examples.

All my websites are mobile responsive and will work on any size of screen. Always Search Engine Optimised (SEO) and social media aware.

Budget Web Design Level

If your budget is tight at the moment I can also offer services with this in mind. There are seceral ways to deliver a result without the entire selection of options. Please contact me to find out more.

Social Media

I very much enjoy working on social media and can offer this to a customer to keep your profiles active if you don't have the time.

A note on hosting

There are many options for hosting a website. You can find several free options but at the end of the day, a paid host is always better. I can advise you or you can use the host you are already happy with. I also have sustainable host recommendations and the main one I use is an affordable host. What do I mean be affordable? Well, running the full WordPress setup will cost about £30-40 a year depending on the size of the site and traffic. Smaller websites will cost less. However, you may prefer a host such a Godaddy, which is about three or four times more expensive.

I offer managed hosting or the option for you to manage the hosting yourself. See the terms to find out more.

Help, advice & support

If you prefer a website on a free host like Wix or Wordpress.com I can help you with this by making it more search engine friendly and improving the design. Websites like Wix are often not mobile friendly. There are others like WordPress.com, most of these 'free' sites require you to pay to make them more flexible.

I offer social media help. Any aspects of social media addressed such as displaying tweets on a website, blogging, Facebook pages and Intstagram.

I also help with your existing website as a consultant. I have been making websites since 1998 and I can cut out a lot of the agony a novice web designer may encounter.

Graphic design

I offer branding tied in with your website and logos: banners, flyers, Youtube intros and more. If you need a logo for the website or a poster to tie in with the same branding.

Training for your website

Once I have built a website for you I will train you for free in its use. This can be about the hosting, email or the Content Management System. I will not leave you with a website that you do not understand and that only I can adjust. You knowledge is the key to a great website and a great customer/designer relationship. I can also offer help with: WordPress, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, browsers and social media.

Please see the FAQ for any questions you may have or contact me below.