Q: Can I edit my own website once you have set it up?
A: Yes. Most of my websites are based on WordPress which is a web platform that hosts a website that can be altered with ease by a user. This website runs on WordPress.

Q: I don’t know anything about WordPress, can you help me?
A: Of course, helping the customer understand their website is an important part of the product I deliver.

Q: Will my site work on a mobile phone?
A: Yes. All the websites I make work on any platform.

Q: Do you include making my site look good to Google?
A: Yes. Many say SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), but it isn’t a simple as that. There are many things to do in order to make a website visibe. I do all this as standard.

Q: Do I need social media?
A: Depending on the website, but usually, yes. I can setup all this, link to it and train you on it, if you don’t know already.

Q: Will the website and domain name be hosted by you?
A: Yes. I have a webhost that is ideal. However, if you desire to have it hosted elsewhere this is fine too.

Q: Do you charge for every little alteration you make to my website?
A: No. Usually, I offer the customer a package that includes hosting, work, unlimited updates, and support.

Q: Are you going to talk English or Techno Babble?
A: I try to talk plain English at all times, if not you can tell me I’ve lapsed into web jargon and I’ll explain myself properly!